“Working” 4 Hours A Week Earns Bureaucrat $143,000 TAXPAYER-Funded Salary

Jeffrey Farrow is the executive director of the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad (CPAHA), and he’s got one of the best jobs in the world.

The CPAHA was set up in 1985, apparently in order to preserve monuments and buildings “associated with the foreign heritage of U.S. citizens abroad.” That’s a pretty broad and… unemeasurable mandate.

Here’s the part that should make you angry though: for just four hours of  his”leadership”, he is entitled to a whopping 143,000 dollar salary– a QUARTER of the entire budget for his commission. Appointed in 2001, he’s “earned” at least 2 MILLION DOLLARS of your taxpayer money for less than an hour of “work” per working day.

Though the General Services Administration’s inspector general had discovered this massive leak of public funds back in 2013, Senator Ron Johnson (chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee) says that NOTHING has been done about it since then… or about the other inappropriate practices at CPAHA.

In fact, he doubts Farrow even “shares any personal involvement in the important mission of the commission.”

Instead, his taxpayer-funded job at the commission seems to have been merely one more source of income for him.”


Indeed, this humongous waste of public funds is but a drop in the ocean for this greedy bureaucrat: as a registered lobbyist working for Puerto Rico and Palau, he is about to earn 1.3 MILLION bucks for this year alone!

According to GovExec.com:

The GSA IG report found the commission agreed to pay Farrow $104,000 per year to work eight hours per week. Instead, he took the higher salary and worked less than the scheduled amount.  Heconducted his lobbying business attempting to attract Congressional appropriations to Puerto Rico and Palau from his federal office and using federal resources, and reportedly spent 90 percent of his time on that work. Extrapolated out, Farrow was earning the equivalent of a $1.5 million full-time salary.

He spent fewer hours at work than he was paid for… and used those few hours he even had to clock to conduct a side business lobbying for a foreign nation!

Jeffrey Farrow certainly gets around; he was Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign manager in 2008…

Decay spreads quickly from its source; he’s allowed contracted workers to take vacations and billed the agency for the hours they’d spent! There was also no evidence of competitive bidding- meaning that he could basically award contracts to his friends and family.

Senator Johnson wrote a letter requesting “detailed expenditures, information on official trips, compensation packages for contractors, emails sent from the agency’s official accounts, minutes from meetings and the typical work week for the commission’s few employees.” The agency did not reply with any answers.

Sources: The Free Thought Project, GovExec

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