Woman Claims Grinning Chester Cops Shot Her Dog 8 Times, Filmed Its Corpse

Two police officers belonging to Chester Police department took turns to shoot Bear, a one year old family dog, on the morning of December 10; instead of giving any explanation the duo laughed in owner Christie Fry’s face after asking her if he was her dog, saying, “Well you don’t have a dog anymore. He’s done now!”

On the Go Fund Me Page, Fry explained:

It was about 10am. Bear was a barker so I didn’t pay too much mind when I heard him, but I did look out the window. He was secure in my backyard by a tie out cable (not rope).There’s been people working on the abandoned house next door so I assumed he was barking at them. About 10 minutes later, I hear 2 gunshots. As I’m getting up I hear the third. As soon as I’m standing, I can see out my side window. Police. Fourth shot. I look at what they’re doing & see my dog on the ground. My dog starts screaming. I scream. More shots. Five, six, seven, eight. There’s 2 cops taking turns shooting him with smiles on their faces. I run out yelling “What the hell!!!!!” They said “Is this your dog?”. “Yes!!”, I replied. “What happened??!!” The officer said (& I quote!!) “Well you don’t have a dog anymore. He’s done now!” & laughed in my face… They shot my dog like he was a human coming at them with a gun.

Apparently, when Fry confronted Bear’s shooters, the animal control officer accused Bear of breaking off of his leash line and attacking him, forcing him to wrestle the dog through yard separating Fry’s property from the abandoned home next door. But Fry found many inconsistencies with cops’ version:

I don’t see how they say my dog “attacked” the animal control officer, yet his clothes were as clean as could be! Bear has dug up most of my yard & the yard next door is a disaster. If this guy was on the ground wrestling with my dog as he claims, that nice fresh khaki jacket he was wearing would have been destroyed. When Bear jumped on me, even once, I’d have pawprints on my clothes. There’s just no way! Police report says my dog didn’t bite anyone sowhy was putting 8 bullets in him necessary? The police said they KNEW the dog belonged to me, yet they never knocked on my door. They tried to say they’ve “been getting complaints”. Again, if you knew where the owner was, why was no contact ever made??

In the associated incident report, filed by the Chester Police, there was no mention of Bear biting/attacking anyone any of his neighbors. However, several days after the shooting, police claimed that Bear had bitten a woman. But Fry alleged this would have been impossible as Bear was secured in the yard.


According to Puppycide Database Project, it is unclear why the City of Chester Animal Control or Police Department were on the scene to begin with. Fry told PuppycideDB investigators that the officers may have been looking for another dog, a Brindle Pit Bull, that has been loose in the neighborhood for months and that occasionally showed up in her yard. “If they got a call about a loose dog, it wasn’t mine.”


Fry has started a campaign in order to raise $3,000 for legal representation and get Bear justice.

My puppy is gone. I will never get the image of them killing him out of my head. I am in contact with a lawyer, which is why I’m starting this campaign. As I explained to them, this is not about money. This is about way more than that. Police need to stop killing our pets!!!!They need to be trained on how to deal with these situations in a better way. We are also investigating to see if there is a pattern among specific officers as there have been multiple police involved animal shootings in my area in recent years.

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