[VIDEO] Woman Faces Jail For Posting Video Of Her Maid Being Sexually Abused… By Her Husband

Imagine that you caught your spouse groping the hired help, who is resisting this obvious case of sexual harassment. Imagine you filmed the indecent assault. Imagine that YOU went to jail.

Imagine that you live in Saudi Arabia.

The video above shows a Saudi man groping a female maid as her hands are full, carrying dishes or a tray. The man tries to kiss her, and appears to touch her crotch, while she pulls away.

It should be noted that maids in Saudi Arabia have no choice but to allow such abuses to occur; employers get away with chopping off maids’ hands when they try to escape from heinous abuse.


Many maids face death row for resisting rape, and “witchcraft”… a poorly-conceived excuse for a state-sponsored execution of a woman you’d raped.

The minimum punishment for this husband is to scandalize him,” the unnamed wife wrote in her caption to the video, Emirates 24/7 News reported.

Unfortunately, be it for revenge or to expose an abusive man, she will face one year in prison because she had “defamed” her husband.

According to Saudi lawyer Majid Qaroob, cited by Emirates 24/7, the man’s wife “faces up to one year in prison or a fine of SR [Saudi Riyal] 500,000 [around $133,000] for defaming her husband.”

The law “on information technology crimes” stipulates “stiff punishment” for anyone who films others with various devices, including smartphones with cameras, in order to “defame them,” the Saudi lawyer said.


Sources: RT, Al Jazeera, Daily Mail

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