[Video] US State Dept Rep Caught in Obvious Lie

While spokesmen in general tend to over-emphasize the good of their respective factions, simultaneously whitewashing the wrongs that they had committed, US State Department reps seem to take that sort of behavior a step further. Take the recent allegations of a Russians bombing of 6 Syrian hospitals for example:

The reps try to assert that “they have reason to believe” that Russia was guilty of striking hospitals, but how or why they “believe” that to be the case is never explained.

When one of the reps asserts that Russia was purposely “targeting” civilian infrastructure, Matthew Lee, an AP reporter who often asks the hard questions that the rest of the press ignores, pounced- forcing the rep to recant her statement, and say that Russia was not targeting civilian infrastructure.

An RT reporter then points out that the Russian Ministry of Defense had released images of a hospital, showing that it was not bombed (according to 21st Century Wire, the other 5 hospitals do not exist). While it is unknown just how authentic the Russian MoD’s pictures were, the onus was on the US reps to prove the allegations they were making.

State Department reps have a long history of telling ridiculous, even laughable, tales:

So much so that apparently even they cannot believe their own obfuscating narratives:

Sources: YouTube

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