VIDEO: Obama VS Putin – Their Most Badass And ‘Gangster’ Moments

With Russia and the US constantly at each other’s throats, one serious question needs to be answered above all others.

Who’s the bigger gangsta?

Watch a collection of images, memes, parodies and videos-taken-out-of-context and mashed together with blaring music, illustrating just how thug these world leaders are.

Two men enter. One man leaves:

Introducing first…. in the red corner, weighing 182 pounds… hailing from a Chernobyl reactor core… he eats raw salmon ripped from the belly of a living grizzly bear…

Vlaaadimiirrr Puuutiiin

Annnd, in the blue corner, weighing in at 179.9 pounds… Born in Kenya- damnit Trump- I mean sunny Hawaii… he challenged Chuck Norris to a meme-off and TIED…

Baaarraaack Obaaamaa

Decide for yourself who would win in a fist fight against a drunken eight-armed mutant cyclops with pink eye, as a zombie wearing combat armor.


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