US Military Lied: 16 Tests On Anthrax And One On Bubonic Plague In South Korean Capital

In May 2015, a sample of live anthrax was “accidentally” delivered to South Korea– courtesy of good old Uncle Sam’s military.

Then it “misplaced” another sample of bubonic plague.

Unfortunately, it seems that these incidents weren’t just a series of isolated “accidents”; a South-Korean/ American team of investigators have revealed that the US military had conducted a series of secret tests at an American military base… located in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

Indeed, they have shown that the United States Forces Korea (USFK) had imported and tested “inactivated” anthrax samples 15 times at Yongsan Garrison between 2009 and 2014- right smack in the middle of Seoul.

The US military had previously only admitted to “accidentally” sending a live sample to the Osan Air Base, 60km outside of the capital. It had even claimed that this was  the “first-ever exercise aimed at ramping up capabilities to protect the allied forces and South Koreans.”

This was a lie, as 15 other tests and one experiment on bubonic plague were carried out before the incident.

This report is made all the more disturbing when one considers the fact that the US CDC had, in July,  found that the military had sent 183 labs samples of live anthrax spores by “accident” during the last decade.


Allegedly, these samples were also supposed to be inactivated- but a poor testing regimen that only sampled  5% of the material at Dugway Proving Ground (the nation’s largest producer of “inactivated” anthrax) was blamed for the “accidents”. Dugway’s own limited testing showed a 20% failure rate for inactivating anthrax specimens.

Questions remain over why testing of “inactivated” anthrax and bubonic plague were even necessaryinside the South Korean capital.

Though North Korea is believed to be capable of producing large quantities of chemical weapons, there is no reason why the USFK could not have carried out these experiments further away from the capital, and with the knowledge of South Korean civilians; an “accidental” seepage of “accidentally” live samples of anthrax in the South Korean capital would have caused pandemonium,and might even have led to the “accidental” implication of North Korea.

In February, before this scandal came to light, South Korean intel warned that North Korea had carried out a dozen large-scale biological and chemical warfare drills.

In July, a North Korean defector apparently returned 15 gigabytes of evidence that showed that North Korea had experimented with anthrax on human subjects. That month, the US also alleged that a North Korean facility was used to make anthrax. North Korea has stated that the facility was solely used to make pesticides- and invited the entire US congress to come down and verify that this was the case.


Sources: Telegraph, USA Today, Korea Times

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