Twitter to Lock You Out if You Aren’t Politically Correct

Is Twitter slowly dying? Stock prices have fallen and new users have all but slowed to a halt to join the social media platform, but is that because of the new implementations and changes?

A “new algorithm that will decide what you should see, not what you want to see.” Ads can pop up on your Twitter profile, making the viewer perceive your sponsoring and supporting of the marketing on your timeline – ads on your Twitter profile representing you. It’s another way to push corporate agenda. The platform you have grown will be altered as they see fit, for your timeline.

Another big change in the world of Twitter is the implementation of the Trust and Safety Council. We’re all aware of the ISIS accounts that have recently been purged from the platform – not a bad thing. But the establishment of the Council will see more than “40 organizations that will be tasked with helping Twitter strike the right balance between fighting abuse and speaking truth to power.”

But where is the line between free speech and hate speech? What is considered “dangerous speech?” People however, are reported to being getting banned and locked out of their accounts for being a “Trump supporter,” or calling someone “a liar.” Disagree with a feminist, or equally, someone sexist? You may be locked out. Lacking in PC skills? You may be locked out.

Censorship is around the corner. Anti-Hillary hashtags have been blocked and banned; but it is the “flagging and maybe even squishing of dodgy or just unpopular viewpoints” that are raising eyebrows.

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