Trying To Raise Money For Charity? You May Be Doing It All Wrong…

Arnold Schwarzenegger released a video with an inspiration and fun message that more people should hear. If you do not know more about Mr. Schwarzenegger he is the former Governor of California. Mr. Schwarzenegger is considered the greatest body builder of all time and has had one of the most successful cinematic careers in recent memory. He is also an Immigrant to the United States. These days he finds himself still more active then most, just getting a little older. Never to old to have some fun while enjoying his job, whatever that may be. To keep up with his activities you can follow him on Facebook:

In the video above Mr. Schwarzenegger speaks about a program called The After School Allstars which goes to work creating a variety of programs to keep children engaged and safe after school hour and off the streets. In a collaboration with Omaze, the three partners worked together to raise money for the program.

Two years running the partners have produced great results for after school programs and had lots of fun in the process. Think bake sales are the only way to raise money for school projects? You may be doing it all wrong ……next time just blow $hit out of stuff! Please watch these entertaining videos used to raise interest/awareness & fund raise from the living legend himself


Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger immigrated to the United States from a foreign land and through hard work and ambition became one of the most successful people in the country. He has served as a role model and an inspiration to people for over 40 years now and in the eyes of many is the embodiment of everything that is great about America. With all of the political unrest in America and among the Presidential field it is nice to look at a man like Arnold Schwarzenegger as proof why immigration works in the USA. America must continue to keep our borders open and support immigrants who want to move here to come and start their lives. Here is one last video from Arnold Schwarzenegger which many people have found inspirational over the years.


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