The Most Dangerous Users of WMDs are not Syria or Iran

Obama just entertained the Saudi King a few weeks back. This was the first time the man had come to the U.S. since his inauguration in Jan 2015.The following is the agenda they had worked out while they met:

First they planned on continuing their efforts at putting a stop to Iran’s evil “just sittin’ here doin’ nothin’” campaign. Secondly, the two conspired to finally destroy Assad and pretty much have Syria’s only safe-zone over-run by ISIS where it will probably hold a celebratory rape-and-murder convention. Thirdly, the U.S. would support Saudi activities in Yemen, where they are bombing weddings, having been inspired by the fact that the U.S. had also bombed at least eight wedding parties prior. Yeah, those dancing people are clearly evil. Look out! The man has a knife! The one cutting the cake! Bomb,Bomb, BOMB HIM! Uh-oh, witnesses, just murder the whole extended family too.

Interestingly, the Saudis were given the head position of the UN’s Human Rights Panel despite continuously engaging in atrocities like crucifying a teen protester. All this should come as no surprise, seeing as Obama had won his Nobel Peace Prize by bombing Libya. It seems they’re getting tired of having the UN second guessing them whenever they want to genocide a people. But I digress.

Fourthly, they specifically spent the day not discussing ISIS. Or specifically, urging Saudi Arabia to take action against ISIS’s growing chemical weapons capabilities.

It wasn’t too long ago Assad allegedly used chemical weapons on his own people. There was an outpouring of US accusations and reasons why it should depose Assad. When it was revealed that ISIS really DOES use chemical weapons (what a strange coincidence… wouldn’t they be in a good position to frame Assad?)… silence.

Actually, just blame Assad anyway despite the fact that he had loaded all his weapons onto several ships for disposal. There it will be “neutralized” at sea,brought back to the U.S. where some other use for the “neutralized” material will be found (as confirmed by the UN’s Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons).


What ever happened to Obama’s “red line,” which almost caused a war against Assad? Apparently it only applied to Assad, because nobody is freaking out over ISIS crossing it multiple times: in Syria’s city Marea, and a chlorine gas attack on Iraqi Kurds. The U.S. has expressed concern over the chemical attacks. According to an expert in chemical warfare, ISIS may even have 20 tons of chemical weapons.

This isn’t the only time they were biased against a country simply because it “was evil because we say so”. How about why a whistle-blower-scientist was imprisoned for revealing that Israel possesses nuclear WMDs? What about how Saudi Arabia is building nuclear power plants, while Iran is getting flak  for what is a peaceful nuclear energy program? Nobody’s complaining about Saudi or the Israeli governments’ nuclear capabilities. Nobody’s asking to send regulators to monitor their programs. “But they’re the good guys…” One bombed UN buildings filled with women and children in Palestine, the other schools in Yemen. Israel used chemical and biological WMDs on multiple occasions.

If you’re thinking of what volatile states have proven to be the most likely to wantonly destroy civilian life with no regard for the human rights violations they unflinchingly incur; who posses WMDs, have used or supplied them those who would use them…  thus posing the greatest REAL threat of using WMDs to the rest of the world…

They aren’t Syria or Iran. They’re the Islamic State, the United States (remember Vietnam and Hiroshima? Or Depleted Uranium in Iraq?) the state of Israel and the nation of Saudi Arabia. But again, it’s just something to consider…

Sources: The Fifth Column, BBCGlobal Research

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