The Man Who Dreams And Builds Things Will Start Selling First Ever Made In Ghana Cars

When Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo, owner of the Kantanka Group of Companies displayed his talents on technological skills he, mystically, had acquired some ten years back in Ghana, but many Ghanaians were skeptical about his inventions.

Some described him as a wizard. Others also said his inventions are not scientific, and cannot be trusted to be safe.

Back then, among the many technological gadgets Dr. Safo displayed, was a television set that switches on after just a simple clap or by blowing air. He did not hide it. He said he never had a sophisticated technical or technological education. He only dreams and creates whatever he builds, implying that he is being taught by superhuman beings in the world beyond our knowledge.

When asked by a BBC journalist in 2010 why he chose to manufacture items that require strange human application before it could function, he replied “I do it because I can, I go to bed and dream about the innovation then write it down. My workers then make it. They are learning the skills they can use somewhere else.”

This triggered a backlash from some Ghanaian University professors. The professors said his inventions lack scientific basis, and should be ignored by the public.

But in the face of the backlash and the Ghanaian public negative perception about what he does, Dr Safo has proven a point. This year, he will begin a commercial sale of one of his important inventions.

Kantanka Group of Companies will start selling first ever made in Ghana cars. The cars are two types. The ones that run on fuel and ones that do not. And now, people are beginning to believe in what he does. The clean energy cars are the ones people are talking about a lot in Ghana.

The company’s chief operating officer, Kwadwo Safo Jnr explains that the clean energy cars run on rechargeable batteries.

“The non-engine vehicle does not rely on a combustion engine to move. It is an electric motor powered by rechargeable batteries; the batteries can be recharged with solar energy or electricity. As you drive the car on the road, it converts the energy from the sun into mechanical energy which powers the car’’, he said.

To give you detailed information on the clean energy cars, there are two charging systems for the car-an external charging system and an internal charging system. The internal charging system uses an extra accumulator to power an invertor and the invertor simultaneously charges the 12 batteries while the car is accelerating. The internal charging is manual and can be switched on or off when the car is in motion.

The external charging system uses 144V which makes it suitable for the market. The charging modes are Quick Charge Mode and an Overnight Charge Mode. The Quick Charge Mode takes a maximum of 15 minutes to complete the charging and the Overnight Charge Mode takes a maximum of three hours to complete the charging. The life span of the accumulators is estimated to be a year.

As we said earlier, public perception about the durability of Dr Safo’s inventions was not encouraging. And to make the public believe that the cars are good, in 2015, he donated some free of charge to the Ghana Police Service to test its quality. The police administration has since testified and endorsed the cars.


“They [police] rough handle cars a lot. They [police] took the car, and made it appeal to the masses. These cars are made for Ghana. We know how the roads are, and we built them to stand the roads”, Safo Jnr says, confirming the toughness of the cars.

However, the company still faces some challenges, the capacity to produce in many quantities, and the cost. Currently, the company can produce only 100 cars in a month. And the cheapest of three models costs around $20,000. This is expensive as compare to the foreign ones.

Below is a brief profile we have put together about the man behind this great innovation which is likely to change the lives of Ghanaians and the rest of the African continent.

Apostle Dr Kwadwo Safo was born on 26th August 1948 at Bekwai, a town in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. As a child, it is said he had a deep passion for science and technology. And after closing from school, he would quickly do his home work and rush to the farm to get sticks for designing cars, helicopters, planes, etc. He designed toys machines and cars that had never been seen in the town.

After just basic school, he attended technical school for 3 years and thereafter had an employment at Ghana’s Volta Aluminum Company in the port city of Tema. It is in this company that he claimed he received a divine call from God and thereafter left his job to start a church called Kristo Asafo (Christ reformed Church). This happened in 1971.

But after establishing the church for some time, according to him, God told him he will use him to redeem Africa from poverty and total independence from the western world. Dr Safo has said in the past that civilization started from Africa.


But according to him, the continent is lagging behind in science and technology, and it is seen by some as a continent of darkness and hopelessness. His mission therefore is to redeem the continent.

His inventions include automobiles, military equipments, electrical gadgets, medicines, aeronautics amongst others.  He has a Honorary Doctor of Law Degree from the University of Ghana and has also been honored as the Order of the Volta (Member Division) in 2007 by the Ghanaian government.

Some people who support his inventions have warned that Ghana will regret if the country fail to make meaningful gains from his skills and knowledge before he passes on to eternity. He has quite a number of apprentices who are learning from him.

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