The Corporate-State Media and its Propaganda

Press For Truth has released a damning story on the legitimacy of media coverage and censorship. The Military Industrial Complex, or as Dan Dicks calls it, the “war apparatus”, is an insidious form of control over the views presented to the masses. The bias introduced into the war coverage we now witness on a daily basis is filled with incorrect data, down played statistics, and “questionable fact-checking is what we are left with,” as a result.

“There is no way to view the glossing over of the all deaths in the Middle East as anything but direct and indirect control of news coverage by the military industrial complex. Governments control who among journalists gets access to war zones, and they control the information given out there. They can censor far more insidiously with this power than they ever could by redacting controversial statements.”


The Corporate-State Media lurks beneath the war against terrorism, or the humanitarian banner. The agenda characterized by embedding journalists into war zones can be traced through the decades, but popularized since Iraq. Those media organizations that object to war are left out, while others are trained alongside troops, to cover military actions. The bias introduced is huge and difficult to argue; the results downright fascist.


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