Palestinian Man Trying To Save Heavily Bleeding Girl Knocked Out Of Wheelchair By Israeli Police

Majed al-Fakhouri lost his left leg in a car accident a decade ago, but his concern was for a wounded girl who had been shot for allegedly attempting to stab a border officer. He tried to make his way to her to perform first aid, but an Israeli officer at the scene tipped Fakhouri’s wheelchair over, knocking him head-first onto the ground.

I saw blood coming out of her arm and side and I thought she was going to bleed to death,” al-Fakhouri said. “I tried to help her but a police officer stopped me and ordered me to go back. Then he turned me over and my head hit the ground.


A few individuals rushed to his aid, but another officer aimed his weapon at one of them. The officer then proceeded to kick the man. The crowd fled the scene after a stun grenade was thrown by one of the officers.

Later, the severely wounded girl was taken to hospital by the authorities.

al-Fakhouri wants the officer to be held accountable, but doubts that anything will come of the Israeli internal investigations. “There is no justice for us. There is justice inside Israel for Israelis but nothing for us here.

Full graphic video, showing the woman as she is bleeding out:

Sources: International Business Times, J Post, Daily Mail, Times of Israel

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