NYPD X-Ray Vans: Can See Inside your Home!


Local as well as federal government agencies have admitted to using radar scanning electronic devices in order to see inside your home. They usually utilize this device when necessary for intrusions, and their first line of defense is known as the RANGE-R. You can read more about RANGE-R here.

However, in more recent times, reports from the Business Insider surfaced that the NYPD (New York Police Department) has been using a new form of technology known as “X-Ray Vans”. The program under the respective agreements of using such technology is supposed to be kept a secret, and officials that are aware of the technology are not saying anything about it.

Just three years ago ProPublica, an independent non-profit newsroom that provides investigative journalism in the public interests, has filed a suit against the NYPD. The newsroom filed their suit after an investigative journalists requests for the police reports, training materials and even the health tests in relations to the Z Backscatter Vans

While the general name for this new and violating technology is referred to as X-Ray Vans, the local authorities are calling it the “Z Backscatter Vans”.
The way these vans are supposed to work is they police squad assigned to the task will take the van(s) out onto the streets as well as residential communities. Then they will slow the van down and “Power-On” the scanning device. This device will allow the operators to physically see inside passing cars and even homes that are in range. With the power to see through physical walls and track movement, the scanner is able to detect signs of drugs, weapons, and other illegal objects in which the police would deem worthy of a potential raid and possibly an arrest.


After reading upon my earlier post of the RANGE-R, it should come to no surprise that the government are justifying the uses of the invasive technology. In fact, the government agencies are labelling it as “Counter-Terrorism Measure” and sure enough following by any governments favorite saying “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about.”

I could go off on a rant about these statements. There are hundreds upon thousands of websites, posts, videos, etc. in which clearly labels both local and federal government agencies as Terrorists in American Homeland. But the citizens of America do not go spying upon them. What if the tables were turned around and the citizens started to “Spy” upon them with their voice stating “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear!”.

The American citizens, as well as the rest of the world, should be aware of the military grade x-ray issued vans, as this technology can damage their health. With radiation from the law enforcement peering inside our homes and even vehicles as you drive down the street.

This does not include the financial aspect of the NYPD high-tech machines. It is reportedly stated that the costs of the Z Backscatter Vans have a cost range of $729,000 to $825,000 USD. The court hearing that was held in discussion of the NYPD Z Backscatter Vans, had stated that they are within a few short miles of the original 9/11 attack site. And the attempts of stopping accounts of terrorism are being brought forth.

The way the government officials perform their intensive investigations upon American Citizens is clearly in violation of our privacy, and is now starting to raise suspicions upon health risks as well. The amount of X-Ray technology that the government is utilizing could in fact pose a potential threat to the health of those involved in the “Scanning Process”. And when asked about anything related to the NYPD X-Ray vans, Bill Bratton a NYPD commissioner, refuses to release any information about any documentation pertaining to the vans.

The New York State Supreme Court Judge Doris Ling-Cohan has actually ruled in the favor of the citizens that the department should have to turn over any and all records pertaining to the actions of the Z Backscatter Vans. Despite the NYPD’s arguments, that disclosing the information could indeed interfere with any of their past, current, and even future investigations.

The Z Backscatter vehicles are also being utilized by US Customs and also includes the Border Protection in order to scan vehicles that may be carrying any drugs, weapons, and even explosive devices. While the aim of the protection is understandable, can they do this action a better way? Should there be court ordered paper-work such as warrants to apply these measures, or should we insist on allowing the government to continue to violate our amendments.

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