Nursing Sikh Mother On Delta Flight Forced To Show Breast Pump To Prove She Wasn’t A Terrorist

Valarie Kaur, an attorney and filmmaker who regularly appears on MSNBC, was asked to show her breast pump to fellow passengers on a Delta Air Lines flight to prove she wasn’t a terrorist. [Kaur’s commentary is often quoted by CNN, NPR, PBS, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, The Hill and The New York Times. Her work focuses on hate crimes against Sikh and Muslim Americans, racial profiling, immigrant detention and solitary confinement.]


In an emotional Facebook post, Kaur, a media and justice fellow at Stanford Law School, shared that she was boarding a plane to Los Angeles when she removed the luggage tag on her carry-on bag, where she kept her breast pump. Upon doing so, an angry passenger behind her began pointing Kaur out to other passengers. When the TSA agents were contacted, an alarmed and angered agent questioned her, demanding an explanation as to what was in her bag, even though she had already been screened and had the bag x-rayed.


After the flight, a Delta representative reached out to Kaur via Twitter and apologized.

Isn’t this a clear example of profiling and racism? Was it necessary to subject Kaur to police state questioning because of her skin color and her right to travel?


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