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Vocativ July 1, 2015 Anonymous Faction Launches Attacks Against ISIS
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The Blaze August 26, 2015 Hacking Group Issues Warning to Islamic State
The Blaze August 12, 2015 �Soon, Very Soon You Will See�
The Atlantic October 8, 2015 The Cyber Activists Who Want to Shut Down ISIS March 18, 2015 Anonymous med massiv aksjon mot terrorgruppen IS
TVA Nouvelles July 31, 2015 La guerre sur les r�seaux sociaux Des pirates informatiques s’attaquent � l’EI
Sputnik News International September 4, 2015 GhostSec-Busted
Security Magazin September 18, 2015 GhostSec – hacke?i se spojili a masivn? �to?� proti isl�msk?m radik�l?m. Odhaluj� teroristick� �toky, blokuj� weby
SC Magazine September 3, 2015 Anonymous group launches phase of cyber-attacks against IS
SC Magazine September 11, 2015 ISIS plots US cyber-attack on 9/11 anniversary
Ryot July 2015 Virginia Teenager Pleads Guilty to Helping ISIS Recruit Members on Social Media
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RT News August 31, 2015 �We know everything about ISIS online�
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New York Times March 31, 2015 Activist Links More Than 26,000 Twitter Accounts to ISIS
New York Times March 24, 2015 Behind a Veil of Anonymity, Online Vigilantes Battle the Islamic State
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Kapitalis July 23, 2015 GhostSec aide � d�jouer des attaques de Da�ch en Tunisie
Jutarnji August 9, 2015 TAJNA ORGANIZACIJA IZ UDOBNIH FOTELJA ‘Teroristi ISIL-a drhte pred nama, anonimnim ratnicima iz dnevnog boravka’
Iran Front Page September 20, 2015 A world-wide-web fight against a terror group on the ground
International Business Times September 1, 2015 Ghost Security Hackers, Offshoot Of ‘Anonymous,’ Claim They Disrupted ISIS Attack By Intercepting Twitter Messages
International Business Times March 16, 2015 Anonymous lists 9,200 Twitter accounts linked to Islamic State after hacktivist collaboration
International Business Times July 27, 2015 Operation Isis
International Business Times July 22, 2015 Anonymous affiliate GhostSec thwarts Isis terror plots in New York and Tunisia
IT ProPortal July 29, 2015 First crowdfunding campaign in fight against Islamic State
IT ProPortal July 27, 2015 GhostSec helps stop terrorist attacks in New York and Tunisia
Heavy August 17, 2015 How to Report ISIS Affiliated Twitter Accounts
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EuroZpr�vy August 19, 2015 Isl�msk? st�t v konc�ch? Objevil se nov? mocn? nep?�tel
EuroZpr�vy September 2, 2015 Isl�msk? st�t na soci�ln�ch s�t�ch? Ghost Security varuje. Co to znamen�?
EuroZpr�vy August 28, 2015 Konec Isl�msk�ho st�tu? Dostaneme v�s do jednoho, vzkazuje nep?�tel
Epoch Times September 10, 2015 Hackers Trick ISIS Agents Into Giving Their Phone Numbers and Home Addresses
Epoch Times August 6, 2015 ISIS Online Recruiters Traced to Russia, Eastern Europe
Epoch Times August 18, 2015 Hackers Take On ISIS
Dispatch Times August 29, 2015 British hacker �killed� in US drone strike
Daily Times July 4, 2015 Independent fighters attempt to wage �online war� against IS
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American Banker January 23, 2015 We Shouldn’t Be Relying on Hackers to Stop Terrorism Financing