Hacked, 27 Million Accounts Stolen, most Fake

The Dark Web – there is one famous forum for dark web users named ‘Hell.’ Unidentified hackers posted an update about the hacking of over 47 million accounts, out of which 27 million accounts are legitimate. The remaining, they claimed,  were accounts created by Bots.

Hackers also managed to set their attack on the weakest point of the online dating website One hacker accessed the website, hacking into database. As per reports, they researched a sample of the hacked data provided via the ‘Hell’ forum. Most of the associated accounts with are from Gmail, other accounts were found with spelling errors – most likely meaning that most of the users who ‘used’ the accounts never really existed.ice_screenshot_20160304-165725The true irony is that doesn’t have any special authentication for emails, or any personal information of the users while signing up.

It also means this online dating website can be used mainly for extra martial affairs. Even under aged participants can sign up for  this particular website, not having to worry about their identifcations being checked; with all fake information embed on the website. The database that was hacked doesn’t hold any encryption or hashing like other websites use.

It is unknown yet on what rate the hacker sold out the database. The hacker displayed the database worth of $8700 (converted from bitcoins).

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