London Tube “Terror” Attack Should Be A Wake-up Call For American Police [Video]

[Leytonstone] A man stabbed three people in a London Subway on Saturday, slitting the throat of a passenger and then shouting “this is for Syria”. He then proceeded towards a group of police officers. Following the trend of most such attacks, this has been branded a terror incident by the UK government.

Shocking as the attack was, it’s what the officers did to the man that would leave most American readers dumbfounded:

This is a man who had already slashed the throat of one man. He’d also stabbed two other people. A murderous with a knife was now trying to get at the officers, yet the shocking thing is that they did not kill him. Instead, they simply tasered him twice… and then only after giving the man ample warning.

Here’s the American version, filmed on Wednesday, depicting a stabbing suspect getting shot firing-squad style by San Francisco officers (disturbing audio, but no violence can be seen in the video):

There’s quite a difference here between the police systems of the two nations. In Britain, a person who was certainly armed (with a melee weapon he had just used) was given the chance to come in peacefully and face the justice system; his refusal to do so when he tried to attack the officers led to him being tasered twice.

In the US…  a man who was armed (also with a melee weapon) but who was trying to edge away from the police, was shot with live ammo so many times that there was no doubt that they simply wanted him deadThe American police behaved as though they were the law… the judge jury AND executioner.

The best part of all of this is the fact that most British police do not even want to be armed; a survey of the British Police Federation revealed that 82% of ALL officers in Britain did not want officers to be armed!

Perhaps this explains why, while British cops have killed only one person this year (until September 1st anyway) while American police have killed 776 people in the same time period.


Sources: Huffington Post



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