Law Enforcement Officers Raid Wrong Home in Albuquerque: Innocent Man Killed, Cell Phone Confiscated

Law enforcement officers from the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico have brutally shot dead an innocent man, thinking he was a suspected killer that they were looking for.

According to the account of the story, Edgar Camacho-Alvarado was shot and killed by officers last week while the officers were searching for a murder suspect in his neighborhood. He was not guilty of any crime. He never posed a threat in any way to the officers. The Alvarado family said the officers just acted recklessly without exercising restrain, or responsibility.

The Albuquerque Journal reported that the real target of the raid was George Bond. Bond lives inside a mobile home in the same neighborhood with Edgar and was reportedly wanted for a 2014 murder in which charges against him were dropped in 2015. However, the case was reopened in January this year.

The Albuquerque Journal also revealed that the raid consisted of United State Marshals, FBI Agents, New Mexico State Police, Albuquerque police, Bernalillo County sheriff’s deputies and Rio Rancho police.

Edgar was reportedly working to fix the engine in his truck in his front driveway when these officers approached him. After a brief confrontation, officers fire their guns, killing Edgar instantly.

Before the shots were fired, Edgar’s mother (who was also a witness to the incident), said she ran out of her mobile home, shouting “don’t shoot.” However, she was pushed away by the officers, and no one in the family was allowed to get close. After pulling the trigger and killing the innocent Edgar, the officers then conducted a search on the family. Edgar’s junior brother, who is believed to have recorded the incident with his cell phone, was picked by the officers. They later freed him after confiscating his cell phone.

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Occupants living in a nearby mobile home, confronted the officers after the officers admitted that Edgar was not the suspect they were after. The officers then left Edgar’s body without calling for an ambulance. Instead, they proceeded to arrest the real suspect they were after – George Bond, not far from where they killed Edgar.

Since the reckless killing took place, the Albuquerque Police Department (APD) have refused to release any information, or comment upon it. The department said the incident is still under investigation.


Perla Alvarado, Edgar’s cousin, told local media that his family is still in shock over the brutal killing of their beloved. Perla confirmed that the officers told the family at the scene of the incident that they made a mistake in shooting Edgar.

“This morning, we got a call about APD and U.S. Marshals being at my aunt’s house. We have no idea why they shot him. He passed away instantly. They were looking for someone else and they killed him. What’s going to happen to my cousin? Is there going to be justice served? We need justice. They said they have made a mistake because he was out there at the wrong time. There’s no such a mistake by killing somebody. There’s no accident,” Perla said.

The family said Edgar was planning to get married this month, and his death has devastated family, friends, and all those who knew him.

A family friend, Minnie Mirabal explained to reporters how painful Edgar’s death has been. Minnie was quoted as saying “For this to happen is outrageous. It was a wrongful death. They didn’t even ask his name before shooting. What they’re upset about is that they didn’t bother calling an ambulance. That hurt more than anything.”

According to the Times Union, the APD was placed under federal investigation last year after more than 40 police shootings were reported in the last five years in the city. Federal authorities ordered the APD to carry out a series of court-mandated reforms in the department. Two officers from the department are currently facing second-degree murder charges after they brutally shot dead a homeless man in 2014.

To help the family deal with the pain and the loss, sympathizers have set up a Go Fund Me campaign to raise money for the family. You can contribute the little you have to the family by clicking on the Go Fund Me link. The family is in distress. This is the time they need our help the most.

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