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Ghost Security strive to make all it’s data public. This means that this site contains all of the domains, servers and URLs that currently host sites that we would consider valid targets. If you want to help us please feel free to take any of the sites displayed on this site and use whatever expertise you have to help us.

Help might include naming and shaming site owners on social media, gathering intel about the sites and site owners and sending it to GhostSec members or reporting sites to their hosts if they contain illegal content so that their host bans them. Any and all actions to remove these sites, even temporarily are helpful and welcome please tag our #GhostSec hashtag on any successful removal of content.

Uncommon sites are sites that have been reported to us that are taken very seriously as they are sometimes entire sites dedicated to the extremist cause and sites that could/should be targeted and brought down from the web.

Also report data of our partners :



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