Anonymous – Operation Africa


One of the more interesting operation going on right now within Anonymous right now is OpAfrica.This operation has been launched on a number of fronts depending on the people in the countries involved. The Anons of the IRC are launching attacks to raise awareness over the lack of child labor laws these countries as well as human trafficking violations. Some are protesting to bring awareness to the corruption disproportion of resources governments have while their people suffer in poverty. Others are pleading for the world to intervene and bring an end ethnic cleansing and government sanctioned genocide in some areas. No other Anonymous operation has been in the headlines more than OpAfrica, and for good reason. These are very serious problems and people need to be held accountable. If you do not know more about the problems this operation brings to light please read the following articles for some in site into the scope of the operation.

2/16/16 – The most recent OpAfrica attack occurred in Tanzania when a state owned telecommunication firms data bases were hacked revealing the personal data of 64,000 workers:

2/13/16 – Last week another attack exploited a leak in WebAfrica and allowed hackers to deface 2,532 South African web sites:

2/11/16 – The first hack against South Africa was initiated “released the data of 54 officials, who used their government-issued email to register on V-Report“:


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