Anonymous Investigation Allows Halifax Police to Re-Open Case. New Charges Filed

12/5/2015 – The cold winds are sweeping across the Americas and the year is coming to a close. The state of affairs between Anonymous and the government of Canada in 2015 has been stressed

to say the least. But most recent news coming out of Canada is a positive story.

A few weeks back a cyber bully was brought to justice he was arrested in coordination with cyber bullying campaign waged against a young girl who went on to commit suicide in 2013.  In 2015, the father of Rehtaeh Parsons, the girl who died has said that due to the actions of Anonymous the cyber bully was exposed and now facing charges by Hallifax police for his role in the incident. You may remember a similar story which came out of the United States recently: 

Nearly 2 years after the death of her daughter Mrs. Canning never stopped trying to find justice. Eventually she stumbled upon on Anonymous and shared her story with them. The Anonymous community must have rallied around her and eventually gave her the justice the legal system originally could not provide. When asked if Anonymous was solely responsible for capturing the boy responsible for assisting in her daughter suicide the mother responded “I believe that absolutely. I have no question about that at all.” In a statement released by CBC News: Nova Scotia  The father is quoted as saying:

“Why go through the courts? Why go through the system? Why be revictimized again when you can write something and get ahold of some people online who can really do a hell of a lot more to bring you a sense of justice than the police and the courts can?”

Earlier this year a branch of Anonymous went out to promote Operation Anon Down after the death of a man who was shot to death by Canadian Police while wearing an Anonymous mask. As it was argued that the man in the video was carrying a weapon and acting aggressively OpAnonDown did not seem to gather much supports. But with that said Anonymous is credits with taking down The RCMP national site and the website for Dawson Creek during the period of this time.

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Around the same time Canadian Anonymous were protesting the new Bill C-51; a new anti-terrorism bill that many Canuck’s feels violates their privacy. As a result of the proposed legislation Anonymous went to work taking down multiple government websites and threatened to reveal private files. Data dumps and server breaches were threatened but in the end the bill was passed into law.

As a result of all this activity, Anonymous News is reporting the that Canadian government has also approved funding of a new 5 year – 22.5 million dollar cyber initiative. A cyber security and national security program that makes no reservations about naming Anonymous a target:

Cant we all just get along? There may be some conflict brewing out Canada way, but the news is not all bad. The story of Rehtaeh Parsons served to remind us all the good things Anonymous is also capable of, not just attacking governments. Anonymous HQ News has a forum of its own where you can post stories for Anonymus.

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