AnonHQ Exclusive: 14 Anonymous Operations You May Not Know Are Happening Right Now

Here is a list of the Anonymous Operations that are currently occurring around the world. Think Anonymous Operations are all closed door hacking sessions? You might be surprised at the scope of things Anonymous accomplishes. True story, Anonymous was once named  the 99th most influential ‘person’ in the world. Anonymous is a large group of people with diverse talents, interests and goals. Here is an AnonHQ exclusive behind the scenes look at just some of the many operations anons around the world are currently engaged in.

Operation Lulz Had  *(December 11th)*

Operation Innocence Peshawar: *(December 16th)*

Operation Well Wishes:

Operation Safe Winter:

Operation New Blood:

Operation Footage:

Operation Super School:

Operation Free Waters:

Operation Death Eaters:

Operation Charitin:

Operation Ban Trump:

Operation Refugee Outreach:

Operation Whale Angels:

Operation Cheetah Trade:

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