Alcohol Kills Nearly 3x Time More American Each Year Than Guns

One of the most contentious political debates in 2016 is the fight over the second amendment and gun rights. Every political candidate has been asked to weigh in over the topic and candidates are literally spending millions of dollars over this one issue alone. Recently Hillary Clinton produced a new campaign video which inspired this article:



These statistics are no anomaly. If you do your own research a quick online search will show you that alcohol kills nearly 3 times more Americans each year then guns. Still not convinced? Did you know that alcohol is the number 1 underlying cause/factor behind crime in the United States:

Similarly a study conducted by drug experts shows that alcohol alone causes more harm to society than heroine, cocaine and marijuana combined:

So where is societies outrage? Where are all the millions of dollars in campaign contributions and television ads trying to save peoples lives from the dangers of alcohol? If people like Hillary Clinton are so concerned about saving American lives why does no one talk about this issue?

It might have something to do with the fact the alcohol tax reveue nets the Unted States government 9.6 billion dollars:

Where as firearm tax revenue only nets the government 123 million dollars:

So there you have it, morality in politics is quite literally bought. The more money something makes, the more its dangers can be ignored and swept under the rug. I am using alcohol as and example to show people how society can be brainwashed into following a false narrative by manipulative political tactics. America needs to open its eyes and wake up from the stupor. If you do not want to ban alcohol, but you support banning guns you have to seriously ask yourself why people feel so strongly about this in the first place? It is nothing more then misplaced morality instilled in society by corrupt and manipulative political campaigns.


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