15 Cities Destroying Homeless Camps Days Before Christmas

Being in the Holiday spirit we here at AnonHQ News would like to take a negative news story and turn it into positive results. Don’t get me wrong the following story is very nicely done, it is just so sad to have to report about it.

Tom Cahill of US Uncut – 15 Cities Destroying Homeless Camps Days Before Christmas:http://usuncut.com/news/15-cities-destroying-homeless-camps-just-days-before-christmas/


christmas_tree Operation Safe Winterchristmas_tree

AnonHQ has published a few stories in the last few week related to Operation Safe Winter, but we will get into that later on in the post. One thing that no one has reported on is how to set up and organize an operation of your own. This is more simple then you ever might expect. Operation Safe Winter is just a food and clothing drive for homeless, veteran, elderly, migrants, et cetera.

Social public rally’s like this are some of the easiest events to coordinate. All you have to do for something like this is make many flyers, hang them at schools, day cares, or in any high foot traffic areas such as cafe’s, college campuses, restaurants et cetera. Ask store owners if you can put up a flyer up in their store. I think you will find most every business owner receptive to promoting a local food and clothing drive in their stores. Drop a flyer off at your local fire house and police department while you are at is as well.

As for advertising in the media you might also find this easier then you imagine. Send out emails to all your local news agencies, news papers, television stations and ask them if they would be willing to share your story. You can also do this with local radio stations and almost every city has its own online political web site for things such as this. If the news people do not respond right away keep sending them messages leading up to the date of the event.


What information should you include on the flyer and emails to media sources? Set a date and time for the event. Include an email or phone number where people can coordinate if they would like to help. Define the purpose of the rally – to gather food and supply’s for those people who are most vulnerable in society. Be creative and colorful, just be specific about the goal/purpose of the event.

One of the most important things we would like to convey here is that you do not have to do an Operation Safe Winter as part of Anonymous. Anonymous is just an idea, Operation Safe winter is just an idea. If Anonymous inspires you to go out an achieve a food/clothing drive on your own, completely independent of any Anonymous affiliation, that is awesome all the same. It feels good to do nice things. With just a little time and effort you can organize an OpSafeWinter and make a positive impact where you live.

In light of the news at the beginning of this post we hope to encourage people to take a negative news event and turn it into positive real world results. A wise man once said it is better to light a match then curse to the darkness. Another said be the change you wish to see in the world. Yet another said the people in this world trying to make the world a worse place are not taking any days off, why should we? One step at a time we can make the world a better place.

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OpSafeWinter Forum: https://www.anonboards.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1336&p=5596#p5596

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